Pryda vs Empire Of The Sun – Mirage The People


Earth shattering mash-up that’s been floating around for some time now, though it’s just trickling into our consciousness.

One of the go to acapellas for the last few years has been the Empire Of The Sun classic ‘We Are The People‘ (not to mention ‘Walking On A Dream.’) The master of deep progressive, Eric Prydz, coupled the everlasting vocals with his summer 2011 smash, ‘Mirage.’ Then, well, it just kind of floated in the abyss.

Somehow, since the fall, it went largely unnoticed. Until recently, at least.

Maybe it’s the continuing world-wide support his ‘Pryda‘ album is basking in, or, maybe, we were just blind.

It’s hard to explain why this went under-supported, considering the chill-educing bass at 1:28, but it has arrived.

If we are lucky, Prydz can acquire the vocals the way he acquired ‘Midnight City,’ when he morphed a one-time private bootleg into an official remix.

Oh, by the way, this was Pete Tong’s Essential New Tune this past week. So, maybe there is something you can read into there, in terms of a future official release.

Let’s hope.

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