REVIEW: Anjunadeep 04 (Mixed By Jaytech & James Grant)

Consider this a showcase of Anjunadeep’s wide ranging talent pool. Part deep progressive and trance; part uplifting chords and funk. Above & Beyond’s imprint label has seen the wildly successful Anjundeep series hit No. 1 on the iTunes Dance Charts in it’s previous two editions. It’s up to Jaytech & James Grant to have it see it’s third consecutive.

Released today, Jaytech & Grant, beforehand, gave eager listeners and skeptical dance music fans alike a mini-mix of what to expect from Anjunadeep 04.

Australia’s Jaytech takes the cake of the two mixes. He gives us a neat sampling of what Anjunadeep has to offer. His Above & Beyond predecessors surely smiled at his 14 minutes of funk. Beginning with updated retro grooves and blending into uplifting trance, he delivers a superb teaser. His mix is sort of Eric Prydz meets Michael Cassette.

The crown jewel of his mix, Suspect 44’s ‘Neon Feel,’ is reason enough to check out the full length CD.

James Grant’s selections are not for the faint of heart. He only needed six minutes to get his point across. And that point was deep trance and ambient progressive. Unlike Jaytech’s picks, Grant’s have less cross over appeal but are more rewarding for its clientele.

The centerpiece of Grant’s opera would be Laura Jones’ ‘Love In Me‘ (Maceo Plex Remix.) Respect the drums.

All-in-all there is good music within the walls of Anjunadeep 04. It probably isn’t for everyone, but the sounds of advanced listening can offer a better experince than the cheap thrills of other, more commercialized, forms of dance music.

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Disc 1 / Mixed By James Grant
1. Dusky “Stick By This”
2. Martin Roth “Beautiful Life”
3. Vincenzo “Get To Know You”
4. Laura Jones “Love In Me” (Maceo Plex Remix)
5. Andrew Bayer “You”
6. Paronator “No Gravity” (Tom Middleton Liquatech Mix)
7. Dusky “Lost Highway”
8. Above & Beyond “Prelude” (Andrew Bayer & James Grant Remix)
9. Full Tilt “Take Me Away” (Andrew Bayer & James Grant Remix)
10. Parker & Hanson “Afterthought” (Soundprank’s Deep 04 Mix)
11. Stephen J. Kroos “Phobos”
12. P8 & Answer42 “Fragments”
13. P.O.S. “Gravity” (Andrew Bayer & James Grant Remix)
14. Andrew Bayer “Gaff’s Eulogy”

Disc 2 / Mixed by Jaytech
1. Answer42 “The Lemon Effect”
2. Kobana & Yane3dots “Woosh”
3. Oliver Smith “Under The Wire”
4. Solarity “Primordial”
5. Suspect 44 “Neon Feel”
6. Jaytech “Synergy”
7. Vadim Soloviev “Forma Perpetua”
8. Soundprank “Boundless Energy”
9. Jaytech “Overdrive” (PROFF Remix)
10. Joonas Hahmo “Manor”
11. Levente Márton “There’s Always A Way Out”
12. Kaskade “Sorry” (Dirty South Remix)
13. Parker & Hanson “Alquimia” (Andrew Bayer Remix)
14. Jaytech “Atlantic”

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  • May 12, 2012


    album is amazing…. top of the line tunes track selection and build ups are great best album so far.

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