REVIEW: Danny Howells @ Cielo 12.29.2011

The notorious Dance.Here.Now runs the typical Thursday night shenanigans over at Cielo NYC. The ringleader of December 29th’s soiree was one of UK’s finest, Danny Howells. I wasn’t too sure what to expect the energy would be like since Danny is so well known for his fantastic track selection in genres such as deep house, techno, and progno (progressive techno). I was floored by the crowd energy when Danny would drop these deep house bombs and the entire place would erupt! He had every body in Cielo grooving to the beat without even knowing it. Even when I would be walking to the bar to grab myself a drink, my legs would be bouncing in sync to the beat! You know you are a fantastic DJ when you can make an entire club whistle and cheer from age ranges like young hipsters fresh out of school to the older middle aged crowds. Cielo was ready for a full force of ambiance with their legendary light panels flashing all over the walls, fantastic laser shows and even had a CO2 smoke out! Danny kept the entire night in different states of mind. From mellow and chill with the incredible deep house then he’d have the entire place going nuts when he would drop a bass-filled techy tune. If you were too busy raging out to the Afrojack Dutch invasion up the street (which I’m sure was great!), you definitely missed out on a nice time with some savvy, intricate and plenty of ID filled music. Check after the jump for some more videos!

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