REVIEW: Feed Me @ Pacha 9.30

While so many curled up indoors to recover from their weekends, a hoard of dedicated bass fanactics peeled themselves off their couches to venture out for electro demon Feed Me’s debut at Pacha this past Sunday. Having performed at Terminal 5 earlier this year for his ‘With Teeth’ tour, and coming off his successful Mau5strap release Escape from Electric Mountain, Feed Me’s Sunday set was indeed a rare opportunity to see the veteran DJ forego his jagged LCD teeth booth for a more intimate setting.

Local producer and Groove Therapy AM talent DJ Dali took to the decks early, energizing the dancefloor faithful with a 3+ hour set of old meets new; in a time when so many openers rely on simply dropping banger after banger to please an anxious crowd, Dali skillfully intermixed tracks like Spencer & Hill’s ‘1234’ and Gregor Salto’s ‘Azumba’ with a remix of Armin Van Helden’s classic ‘Psychic Bounty Killaz’ (a track which was almost as old as some of the attendees). Dali’s techno and funk infused electro was so well received that many seemed not to care that the evening’s main act did not take the stage until 1:30 am.

After simmering in anticipation all night, the floor nearly exploded when Feed Me finally burst through the silence with ‘Little Cat Steps’. He then continued with track after track from his extensive discography, transitioning from minimal-esc grime with ‘Chain Smoker’ to the electronically melodious ‘Relocation’. As he masterfully directed all 4 Pioneer decks into an electro symphony, it was clear that Feed Me’s years of production and performance experience had fine-tuned his DJing abilities, as each seamless transition was more perfectly timed and executed than the last. Just as his set neared the one hour mark, Feed Me began to fiercely mash his tracks with the likes of labelmate Deadmau5’s ‘The Vedlt’ and Knife Party’s ‘Rage Valley’, until his popular ‘One Click Headshot’ erupted the venue into a mass of fog and resonating vibrations.

The biggest highlight, however, may have been Feed Me’s own energy; he jumped and thrashed his arms during drops, repeatedly thanked the crowd for coming out on a school night, and at one point during ‘Cott’s Face’, extended his drink out to an overzealous fan who had pulled himself up to peer into the DJ booth. Naturally, when he got on the mic at 3:00 am to let his followers know that Pacha would allow him to play more tunes if they wanted, he was met with overwhelming cheers of approval. He then slowed it down for a bit, explaining that he hated when sets were all ‘up, up, up’ and instead liked to ‘chill out before the big time at the end’. And big it was, as he closed out with his own ‘Trapdoor’, which transitioned into the throwback Spor remix of ‘Stompbox’, and finished up with Skrillex’s ‘San Diego VIP’.

Not surprisingly the audience persistently chanted for one more song, and was graciously gifted with two, as Feed Me once again showed his appreciation for the enthusiastic crowd. While he continued to thank everyone for filling the club on a late Sunday evening, surely the fans were the grateful ones, as they were blessed with an incredibly fluid and lyrically diverse set from a seasoned maestro.


  • October 11, 2012

    Chris T.


    nice summary, nothing to add to that about the music (xcept that I liked the Skx by FeedMe better than I usually do by Sonny), also your comments about Dali, will make sure to catch him other times…
    [finally a full FeedMe set, got kicked out at Webster and T5 right at start (never mind :) ]
    Question: this did go past FeedMe, right? Left when he was done around 3:30, so don’t know, but seemed like it.

    he kept saying/hinting that he wanted to continue, but the venue made him stop (eventually). At least that was my perception.
    2h set is nice, but if he wants to continue, let him, we went for the headliner. If it went much later anyway don’t see a good reason not to.

    about the “overzealous fan”:
    he did get kicked out by two of the MIBs. Not right away, but shortly after, see that? Should’ve just disappeared to another part in the crowd, he stuck around right there, not so bright.

    cu @ sasha, yow!

  • October 15, 2012


    Chris – I left a little after you, so I’m assuming you caught the end of his set? He did come out for multiple encores before the 2 guys after him finally started up.

    Agree that I wished he could have gone forever, although he mentioned he himself had run out of material?!?!

    Hope you had fun at Sasha (considering) – I had rugby and couldn’t make it

  • October 16, 2012

    Chris t.

    what there was of sasha I thought was winding up nicely, I even had fun with t&f’ warm up from about 2. rest– as they say in insurance speak: higher powethere?r. was your crew

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