REVIEW: Hardwell, Martin Solveig, Adrian Lux, R3hab and Quintino @ Pacha NYC 12/3/2011

If there was ever an ‘All-Star Game’ for DJ’s, it would’ve probably been held last night at Pacha NYC. The third-part of their 6-year anniversary series brought Hardwell, Martin Solveig, Adrian Lux, R3hab and Quintino to the legendary venue. While some may question the merits of a 6-year anniversary, the good people at Pacha NYC saw it as a platform to host one of the greatest club nights in New York City history.

Overblown statement? No. Individually, each artist could headline any club event in the world. Last night featured, essentially, five headliners over the course of 10 hours. To add to the hype, four of the five were making their Pacha NYC debut (the exception being R3hab.)

If you’re somehow unfamiliar with any of these DJ’s, your Google must be broken or you live under a rock. Perhaps both. The event was headlined by Hardwell and Solveig. Hardwell has had one of the biggest years of anyone in the EDM community. Some have hailed him as the next Tiesto. His productions have exceeded the world’s expectations of the 23-year-old Dutchman. Solveig has crossed over from being a French electro producer to becoming a worldwide star. With his ‘Smash’ album and it’s staple song, ‘Hello’, Solveig took over everything from clubs and festivals to radio stations and gum commercials. The Frenchman cemented himself as one of the two-or-three electro-pop Gods (along with Calvin Harris and David Guetta.)

The ‘Undercard’ of the event billed Lux, R3hab and Quntino. Lux, the Grammy nominated DJ/producer, has been a well respected figure in the Swedish music-community for about five years. His 2011 campaign featured lovely remixes of Rebecca & Fiona, his ‘Alive’ single and an upcoming album. R3hab has spent his 2011 making music with Afrojack and rising near the top of the dirty Dutch community. Quintino may have entered the night as the ‘dark horse,’ but he made a splash at the end of the night (more on that later.) His 2011 included ‘Selecta’ and ‘Epic.’

Enough preamble, though. Less talk more rock, after the jump!

Adrian Lux

This is what you walked into when you entered Pacha NYC, shortly after 10 p.m., Lux making his Pacha and NYC debut playing his breakout 2011 remix, ‘Bullets.’

The festival-killing song was only a warm up. He dropped huge 2011 anthems (which was a theme for all of the nights talent) through out his set.

Adrian Lux Dropping ‘Bullets’

Adrian Lux dropping ‘Ressurection’ (Axwell’s Recut Club Version)

In the booth with Adrian Lux. ‘Teenage Crime’ (Axwell & Henrik B remode)

Adrian Lux dropping ‘Happy Violence’

Adrian Lux (10 p.m. – 12 a.m.) notable tracks
Alesso – ‘Raise Your Head’
Rebecca & Fiona – ‘Jane Doe’ (Adrian Lux Remix)
Dada Life – ‘Happy Violence’
Calvin Harris – ‘Feel So Close’
Rebecca & Fiona – ‘Bullets’ (Adrian Lux & Nause remix)
The Loops Of Fury – I Need
Michael Calfan– ‘Resurrection’
Eric Prydz – ‘At Night’
Zedd – ‘Shave It’
Calvin Harris – ‘Bounce’

That track list does not even scratch the surface of what he gave the crowd. Lux dropped indie/electronica bombs through out his two hours. The crowed responded well to all of the must-have ID’s. Lux then handed the headphones over to Hardwell.


The crowd erupted from the second he took the decks. Perhaps, the most anticipated DJ of the night, based on crowed reaction. He also had the set that was most ‘ID-heavy.’ The crowd was under his control for the next two hours.

Hardwell taking the decks at midnight.

Hardwell dropping his ‘Levels’ remix

Hardwell dropping ‘Zero 76’

Hardwell (12-2 a.m.) notable tracks
Benny Benassi feat. Garo Go – ‘Cinema’ (Skrillex remix)
Avicii – ‘Levels’ (Hardwell Remix)
Swedish House Mafia – ‘Save The World’ (ID Remix)
Tiesto & Hardwell – ‘Zero 76’
Zedd – ‘Shave It’

Martin Solveig

Solveig entered the booth at 2 a.m. and rocked with Hardwell for a few minutes before he presumably jetted off to another super club . The music went from a progressive eruption to an all out electro show. Solveig didn’t shy away from dropping dub step either, to the crowds delight.

Sebastian Ingrosso & Alesso – ‘Calling’

Solveig dropping ‘The Night Out’

Fedde Le Grand ‘Paradise’ remix

’Wonderwall’ vs. ‘Lunar’

Martin Solveig (2-4 a.m.) notable tracks.
Oasis – ‘Wonderwall’ vs. David Guetta & Afrojack – ‘Lunar’
Martin Solveig – ‘The night out’
Coldplay – ‘Paradise’ (Fedde Le Grand remix)
Fedde Le Grand – ‘So Much Love’
Martin Solveig – ‘Big In Japan’
Martin Solveig – ‘Ready 2 Go’ (Hardwell remix)
Martin Solveig – ‘Hello’

Solveig proved to be a force when he plays live. He stayed true to his electro house roots but also added an array of top songs from many Beatport categories. The Frenchman concluded his set as R3hab walked in the booth at 4 a.m., Solveig tossed out a few of his signature headbands and vacated the booth.


Up to 4 a.m., there was a lack of dirty Dutch. The crowd, who was still at capacity, got their fair share when R3hab spun his set. Dutch house, similar to dub step, has its fair share of critics. Some find it repetitive and unimaginative. R3hab proved that his stylings aren’t endless bleeps, but the rave music for the Facebook generation. 2011’s version of acid house.

Kaskade – Eyes (r3hab remix)

R3hab (4-6 a.m.) notable tracks
Kaskade – ‘Eyes’ (R3hab remix)
Luciana – ‘I’m Still Hot’ (R3hab remix)
Afrojack & Steve Aoki feat. Miss Palmer – ‘No Beef’
David Guetta & Usher – ‘Without You’ (R3hab XS Remix)
Dada Life – ‘Kick Out The Epic Mutherfucker’
Katy Perry – ‘The One That Got Away’ (ID Remix)
R3hab left duties to Quintino at around 6 a.m., the people of Pacha NYC we’re left satisfied for by his set for the second time in three months.




Quintino worked the equivalent of the ‘graveyard shift’ as he stepped in. While the previous four DJ’s used standard DJ headphones, Quintino opted for ear buds and then begun his work. At that early (late) hour, the crowd usually dwindles down to just a few hardcore regulars, the crowd was slightly depleted from, say, eight hours earlier, but the loyal people left were treated with an anthem-laced set. Quintino, as he can headline anywhere, played headliners set.

Quintino (6-8 a.m.) notable tracks
Calvin Harris – Awooga
Pendulum –This Island (Steve Angello, AN21 & Max Vangeli Remix)
Afrojack & R3hab – ‘Prutataaa’
Quintino & Afrojack– ‘Selecta’
Quntino & Sandro Silva – ‘Epic’

Quintino dropped early morning anthems to the non-quitting crowd. Beautiful EDM girls danced while other people in the region were waking up to breakfast. Perhaps, the most invigorating set of the show. Unfortunately, our technologies begun to fail us as R3hab started his set, so we do not have any Quintino videos at this time. But YouTube it for yourself.

Last night exceeded expectations and it’s hard to justify what took place with just a single article. I hope you enjoyed this humble recap. Big thanks to everyone at Pacha NYC who granted us coverage and Ambro, Lumbajack, Lisa, MichelleKupp and Matt for all your great video work. Look out for our exclusive interview with Adrian Lux coming soon!

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