Review: RL Grime at The Music Hall of Williamsburg 10.30

RL Grime kicked off Halloween weekend with a huge performance at The Music Hall of Williamsburg. The crowds came in costume and the room was filled with energy the moments the doors opened. The Music Hall of Williamsburg proved to be a perfect venue for the Trap trailblazer. The two floors provided ample room for dancing and there was no shortage of available bars. The biggest treat came at 10 P.M. when DJ Wonder came on and we got to hear the thunderous sound system. The Music Hall of Williamsburg definitely secured a spot with us as one of the best venues in NYC.

DJ Wonder came on at about 10 P.M. to nearly a packed house and played one of the most diverse and honestly kind of weird sets we’ve heard in a while. Decked out in ‘Dead Presidents’ face paint, DJ Wonder played Trap, Hip-Hop, Metal, classic Baltimore club music, and some bouncy trance. All those different sounds might not go together on paper but on Mischief Night DJ Wonder put on a show. Dog Blood’s ‘Shred or Die’ made an early appearance in his set and lit a fire under the crowd. Despite covering so many genres DJ Wonder’s set was well put together and flowed perfectly.

At 11 the man everyone was waiting for took the stage. When RL Grime came on fans pushed forward to fill the now crowded dance floor. Hip-Hop fans and dance music fans would have been pleased during his almost two hour set. RL Grime brought us the best of both worlds and seamlessly threw them together. He played nearly half of Kanye’s new album and dropped a Chase & Status mash-up. RL Grime made sure to show his buddy Baauer some love by playing his Disclosure remix. The ‘You & Me’ remix stood out as one of the biggest tracks of the night. When midnight struck he hopped on the microphone to wish us all a happy Halloween, and that’s about the time he poured shots of Hennessy for the lucky fans in the front row. Trap staples like Flosstradamus’ ‘Underground Anthem’ and DJ Snake’s ‘Bird Machine’ drew a huge reaction and was a nice change of pace from the Hip-Hop. He did close the night with two of the hardest tracks out right now. He played his ‘Love Sosa’ remix which boomed through the entire venue and then thanked the crowd and walked off stage. After some cheering for one more song he came back on to drop A$AP Ferg’s ‘Work’ remix which lit the place up one more time before they finally kicked the lights on. RL Grime made Mischief Night something special for all the fans who made it out to Brooklyn and we highly suggest checking out The Music Hall of Williamsburg.

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