Review: Skrillex 2013 Fall Club Tour – The Capitol Theater 10/13

November 13th The Capitol Theater in Port Chester New York opened its doors to their first ever dance music event. The Capitol Theater was one of the last stops on Skrillex’s small ‘Fall Club Tour’. The American Dubstep phenomenon was backed with two opening acts with performances from Valentino Khan and Bro Safari. With a massive dance floor and huge balcony seating area The Capitol Theater was the perfect venue for Sonny to make his return to New York.

Valentino Khan and his spectacular mustache took the stage at about 8:30 to an already packed room. He kicked the night off with ‘The Crowd’ from GTA, which he’s been fitting into most of his sets recently. Valentino Khan played a lot of similar tracks that blur the line between Electro House anthems and Trap. Bro Safari came on after and kept with the theme of Trappy House and even some moombah for the diehard fans. Bro Safari closed his set with a nod to the notorious himself with his remix of Biggie Smalls classic ‘Suicidal Thoughts’. Bro Safari left The Capitol Theater bouncing with his closing track, but after the lights dimmed and the stage crew came out the crowd knew what time it was.

The L.E.D screen finally lit up after a short Bob Marley intermission and displayed a countdown. The nearly 5 minute countdown had eager Skrillex fans pacing around while they waiting for the most popular glasses and haircut combo to take the stage. ‘With You, Friends’ was the first song to play as the countdown ticked away. Sonny was finally back in New York except this time he was by himself. No Dog Blood, no Boys Noize, no acid house, no break, and nothing experimental. This was what everyone fell in love with in 2010 with the release of ‘Scary Monsters and Nice Sprites’. The crowd was a mixed bag of hardcore fans that grew up listening to this version of Sonny for the past 4 years, and a slightly younger crowd. Regardless of how they discovered his music everyone in the room was ecstatic he was back and playing the classics.

Skrillex followed up his opening with ‘Try It Out’, one of his newest tracks with label mate Alvin Risk. He played the hectic ‘Put Em Up’ remix and then jumped right into ‘Scary Bolly Dub’. This was the Skrillex we all knew and loved. This was a ‘Greatest Hits’ performance from Sonny. Everything from the ‘Scary Monsters and Nice Sprites’ EP, ‘Bangarang’, and his BBC Radio 1 Essential Mix made an appearance. Rare Singles like ‘Still Getting It’ featuring Foreign Beggars and ‘Voltage’ were thrown in the mix. This set was truly a treat for fans who have missed that old sound, or who didn’t get to fly out to Hard ‘Day of the Dead’. Sonny played some new IDs off his upcoming 2014 album and we can safely say he hasn’t lost his touch. It was a killer performance from the 6 time Grammy Award winner and surely a night for Capitol Theater history. After this set we can’t wait to see what Skrillex has tucked away for us in 2014, and if you’re wondering yes he did play ‘Cinema’. It’s still just as wonderful as it was when we first heard it.

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