REVIEW: Thomas Gold Takes NYC Part Deux @ Governors Island 8.12

To complete the Thomas Gold NYC double-header, the faithful waited patiently (or not so patiently) to board the Governors Island bound ferry in the glaring sun this past Sunday. In what has become a ritual exodus on summery weekend days, neon-clad and shouting fans descend upon lower Manhattan for their chance to see one of the many acts booked to entertain them at the beach front venue, to the obvious confusion of the many tourists milling about the downtown transportation hub. ‘Concert?’ they mime in feeble English. ‘Yes’ is the response, but not the sort of concert your 80 year old Italian mother would enjoy.

Sunday’s event was certainly one of the more highly anticipated installments of the summer series. Thomas Gold is making a huge name for himself in the dance music world and after his stunning performance on the Size Matters stage at EDC NYC, it wasn’t shocking that this event quickly became a sold out one. With the announcement that Gold would be joined by a drum line, the cat was officially out of the bag that the show would be a special one.

Tim Mason firmly held the show’s reigns as the sun neared the horizon, seemingly recovered from his supporting role at Pacha the evening before. He made the kids overly joyed with feel-good easily recognizable tracks such as ‘Tung,’ along with two big Zedd tracks (well one a Zedd remix of Skrillez & The Doors) ‘Stars Come Out’ and ‘Breakn A Sweat.’ He didn’t forget the Swedish House Mafia family, with ‘Save The World’ and Sebastian Ingrosso & Alesso’s always well received ‘Calling.’ The standout track however was the W&W and Marcel Woods banger ‘Trigger.’

A smooth transition brought the French Norman Doray to the forefront, his nationality fitting the view of the Statue of Liberty (thanks guys!) Doray fell in love with disco at an early age, leading him eventually into the world of electronic music and here he was, playing to a crowd of thousands in NYC. Leading in with the familiar vocals of The Chemical Brothers ‘Hey Boy Hey Girl’ he quickly fell into the chiming melody of Avicii & Nicky Romero’s (STILL) un-released ‘Nicktim.’ Norman gave a nod to indie with the wildly popular Alesso remix of Keane’s ‘Silenced By The Night,’ in addition to other interesting choices such as Gregor Salto – Azumba vs. Eurythmics – Sweet Dreams and Dirty South’s remix of Miike Snow’s ‘Devils Work’ with this eponymous Gotye vocals. To close his set, Norman brought about an inspired sing-along to the Third Party remix of ‘Otherside,’ aka one of the biggest tracks of 2011/2012.

Then, suddenly, it was the moment the crowd had been waiting for – Thomas Gold and his drum line. The drummers waited patiently in the wings, as the Berlin based producer and bootleg master took his stride on stage. Then, they were off and what resulted in a total of 3 song collaboration commenced with ‘Marsch, Marsch.’ As Gold told The Huffington Post, many of his songs are chock full of drums and snares and that’s where the idea for adding drummers to his performance came from. Being one of the more passionate producers we’ve spoken to, his idea to kick up his live shows a notch is unsurprising.

Gold’s set did not disappoint, putting forth a slew of his own tracks along with his signature bootlegs, of which there were nearly too many to count. From his discography, ‘Eyes Wide Open’ with Dirty South and Kate Elsworth (the trio’s sophomore collaboration) and his remix of ‘The Wave‘ were easily the favorites. In terms of the scores of bootlegs, Nari & Milani – Atom vs. Hardwell – Spaceman was a wild mix that put the former, the indisputable Miami track of 2012, in a new perspective. Also intriguing was Afrojack – Pacha on Acid vs Armin van Buuren – We are Here To Make Some Noise, a marriage of old and new that was widely appreciated.

Throughout the set the crowd was predictably besides themselves, continually reveling in blankets of golden confetti (no multi-colored riff raff for the golden boy) and wowed by the dancers, also outfitted in golden wear. From start to finish Gold kept the energy high, upping the crescendo and bringing it down with the second major sing along of the evening, this time to Oasis’s iconic hit ‘Wonderwall.’ To close out, Gold put on his remix of ‘Set Fire to the Rain,’ bringing the party to an end with the deep and haunting vocals of Adele. Chances are, most of the folks in attendance had never heard the original version and Gold proves every time the track is played that in the face of his pitch perfect edit, the original stands no chance.


  • August 16, 2012

    Chris T.


    nice summary!
    Makes me wish I’d pushed toward the front, but the back edge of the tent was soo much more comfortable: a little less crowded and sometimes a cooling breeze.

    Did you guys ever write a review of the Gold set at Pacha? How did that compare-complementary or mainly repeat (mines the d-line of course..)? (Infected Mushroom overlapped too much… )

    Only quibble about the selections:
    it would be nice to hear boots from 80s/90s acts that are not their Top 40 or Nr. 1 hit material. it’s just so conventional.
    That would challenge the crowd more, but feel less trite.
    Not that Th. Gold is conventional, had a great time, and the execution was really well done.

    Psyched to see him on the Virgin Free Fest line-up in October, which overall shaped up to be a rather stellar line-up, with a nice dance assortment.

    IMO, the venue is not great, at least compared to the set-up used for Bass Island way back when (first time I got back to Gov.Isl. since then…).
    No access to free water, and rip-off for the paper-bottle water (that cynical you-can’t-even-bring sealed bottle policy and no waterfountain, least that anyone knew about).

    But overall, a great time indeed.

  • August 16, 2012

    Chris T.

    oops, strike that part about Pacha, must have scrolled right by, sorry!

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