REVIEW: Thomas Gold Takes NYC Part Un @ Pacha 8.11

Thanks to PachaNYC and RPM, Thomas Gold made his mighty return to the Big Apple this weekend with not one, but two huge shows. Saturday night Gold took the reigns at the familiar Pacha decks, which marked his third time at the venue since last August. After having the pleasure of seeing Gold earlier in March at a small venue in Connecticut, the night brought great anticipation to see what fanfare he would bring to the big city.

Earlier in the week, Gold promised ‘something special’ for the weekend in an interview with MTV, and his fans were certainly ready. When arriving at Pacha 45 minutes before Gold’s scheduled 1:30 AM set, the dance floor was one giant mass of bodies, literally pulsing with excitement. The crowd was anxiously awaiting Gold’s arrival, and when he finally appeared at 2 AM, the club felt like a volcano on the verge of eruption. Here is our take of the golden evening…

Opening with his own remix of Miike Snow’s ‘The Wave,’ Gold matched the crowd’s high energy right off the bat. Initially it appeared that the setlist was catering to the electro-banger loving audience as popular tracks like ‘Here We Go’ and ‘Lights were dropped. But as soon as Gold mixed in the obscure Underworld ‘Born Slippy,’ it was obvious the mix-in, mash-up master was getting to work.

Soon enough everyone was shown exactly why the German producer has catapulted to stardom over the last year; who else could mix ‘Show Me Love’ and the Otto Knows remix of ‘Kick Out the Epic Motherfucker’? Gold’s impeccable timing and diverse song selection time and time again kept everyone on their toes, blessing those lucky enough to have been there to experience many ‘I can’t believe he dropped that song’ moments. By the time he had reached the second half of his set, he was layering tracks to create a bass heavy mosaic of tracks over tracks within drops. A personal favorite of mine was his Deniz Koyu vs. Depeche Mode ‘Personal Bong’ bootleg with the hint of Porter Robinson’s ‘Unison.’

Perhaps the most impressive aspect of his set was Gold’s ability to keep up the high intensity for so long. Embarrassing, we called it a night before the maestro was done. And as the loyal departed, Gold continued to joyfully play the air piano to a still packed house.

The floor was still jam packed with the loyal Gold following even at 4:45am!

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  • August 16, 2012

    Chris T.

    “The floor was still jam packed with the loyal Gold following even at 4:45am!”

    Seeing as he’s from Berlin, “still” is prob. not in his vocabulary, that must be early for him.
    Germans, esp. Berliners can’t believe it when we end at 5,6, or 7AM, with nothing good in sight till the next night.

    Met a bunch of them at the Verboten sets at P.A. in Bkln week before last, and they were shocked at no continuation chances when that ended around 6 or so. They figured if they could have done another 24h at home, then certainly in NYC… oh well maybe at some point

  • August 16, 2012


    A 12+ hour set? A girl can only dream…

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