REVIEW: Walden & Surkin @ Webster Hall 8.10

Friday’s Girls & Boys party at Webster Hall has to be one of the more anticipated iterations of the weekly event in recent memory. Known for its eclectic and highly compelling billings, the long-running fiesta continuously attracts the finest talent in dance music. With young Aussie Walden making his US/NYC debut and French Surkin coming back to the hallowed halls after having a series of visa issues that marred past dates, so suffice to say that everyone was ready for this show to go off with out a hitch.


Walden has been storming the house music world in 2012, having gained early support from Pete Tong for his track ‘Brightness.’ The hyper-talented youngster is consistently pushing out interesting and well produced music that spans genres. Thank goodness for the whimsy of youth and its mandate for experimentation. Right following his show at Webster, his remix of Ivan Gough & Feenixpawl’s ‘In My Mind’ is currently residing in the top 10 of the Beatport progressive chart and in the top 50 of the overall chart. Not half bad for a kid who hasn’t graduated college yet.

On Friday Walden took to the decks like a pro, ready to weave together his own originals and a mix of known and more obscure tracks from around the music world. In a bit of Aussie back-scratching Walden quickly transitioned into Ivan Gough & Feenixpawl’s remix of Adrian Lux’s’Burning’ off his debut album’s extended/remixed version. The tables then flipped when he played his ‘In My Mind’ remix. Given that both the remixes are arguably better than the originals (especially in a club situation) the track choices were certainly appreciated. Walden also went hard with his originals ‘Warmonger’ and ‘Brightness’ which he mixed up in a blend with Calvin Harris’s old school ‘Flashback.’ Another fun selection that Walden put forth was Deadmau5’s vocal remix of Morgan Page’s ‘The Longest Road.’

Walden dropping ‘Brightness’ vs. Calvin Harris – Flashback


In his first time back since 2010, Surkin played his unique breed of forward-thinking French house music to a completely packed Webster Hall crowd. Surkin, Para One, and Bobmo (who make up the Marble collective) have carved out their own techno niche that has been incredibly well received lately. He played a bunch of new tracks from his label, but also some extremely tasteful classics. His original “White Knight Two” may have been the biggest track of the night, as it was blatantly obvious that the majority of the crowd knew exactly how amazing of a production it really is. Surkin also played out the always amazing ‘Control Movement‘ by French techno genius Gesaffelstein.

Both Marble and Gesaffelstein/Brodinski’s Bromance are two French labels to look out for. Surkin also catered to the New York trap fans and dropped Baauer’s instant classic ‘Harlem Shake,’ which went over really well. Overall, he was able to put together a brilliant set, although it was limited to just an hour. Look out for an exclusive interview with Surkin coming out later in the week, with some choice tidbits about Marble.

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