Robert Delong – Global Concepts (Live City and Tommie Sunshine Remix)

For quite some time we heard rumors about a monstrous electro-house remix of Robert Delong’s cult, moombah classic, “Global Concepts.” Our friends told us they heard it on Sirius radio, but as avid listeners we didn’t believe them, because we never heard it ourselves. Yesterday the rumors were verified when Magneticmag posted a preview of remix by the lethal combination of Tommie Sunshine and Live City.

Live City and Tommie Sunshine got back in the lab, and ended up creating a heater that contains one of the most unique sound designs we have heard in awhile. Noises that are reminiscent of Knife Party, or Skrillex’s dubstep days, this remix features robot/monster-like eruptions that are impossible to describe. Just listen here for yourself.

Download: Facebook

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