Savant – Orakel

Section Z superstar Savant (real name Aleksander Vinter) is back with another off-the-wall LP, that he manages to kick out on a hugely quick basis owing to his Savant syndrome that allows him to think up whole songs in seconds and produce them in hours. “Orakel” is in some ways a progression of the evolutionary curve Savant’s been on in the last few years, drifting from mostly 8-bit dubstep/electro into slightly more commercial broadly “electro house”. I use quotation marks because Savant is such a difficult artists to pin down, and it is his unique sound that is part of his magic.

Title track “Orakel” is a kind of swing-ish instrumental prelude, whilst “Spacewolf” is wonderful melodic progresssive house/trance style track, that is at once 8-bit symphony and then immaculately produced complextro.

“Origins” is the first track on the album featuring the vocals of Vinter himself, and features a wonderful, melodic, vocal-led buildup that descends into a frankly ridiculous drop, which on first listen is terrible but kind of grows on you.

“Sawchain” is an insane, orchestral, sweeping bit of drum’n bass/drumstep, whilst “How I Roll” has a brilliant vocal build up but a slightly disappointing drop. Next track of note is glitch hoppy “Snake Eyes” which brings to mind Feed Me’s “One Click Headshot”

“Valkyrie” is a real return to old-fashioned Savant and has the kind of attention to detail that will leave you wanting repeated listens. “Survive” is the real stand-out track of the album, a piece of euphoric, melodic vocal trance/progressive house.

Next up is Air Balloon, an oddball piece of almost ragtime or folk. Closing it up is the Random Access Memories inspired “Rapture” a pretty child out piece of disco-funk to finish off an excellent.

The only real criticism one can have of the album is that a little too much filler in the middle sections, understandable for a 21 track album, but annoying nonetheless. That said, this album is truly sensational, and even the most closed-minded EDM fan owes it to themselves to check it out. You will be rewarded.

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