Savoy – Self Predator

Savoy - Self Predator
Brooklyn based group Savoy have just released their newest LP ‘Self Predator’. This 15-track LP is something you cannot pass up. ‘Self Predator’ has influences from many different genres which you can definitely make out on your first listen. Some of the tracks will be great in the club and some are good for simply listening alone. Although the LP is mostly influenced by trap and dubstep, people that dislike these genres should still give it a listen as it strays far from the normal sounds you’d hear; not to mention there are plenty of other genres featured. This is one unique LP.

A track that really stands out on this album is ‘Queen’. Going from a dark sound to a nice uplifting, head-bob inducing melody, this track almost perfectly encompasses the LP as a whole. A little bit of chaos and some beauty thrown into the mix. This is definitely a great track for solo listening.

Following ‘Queen’ is ‘I’m In Need (MVP)’, a trap track that will definitely be going off when it’s played live. The catchy vocal sample is really at the front of this track, being chopped up throughout to keep it fresh. This track is essentially a raver’s best friend with its dark synths and heavy drops. Expect it to be big this year at shows!

Another track we love off this LP is ‘R&R’. This is one that’ll undoubtedly get you moving. This track has a lot of energy and a break that’ll bring you back a couple years for sure! If you don’t get what we’re saying here, listen and you’ll know for sure. ‘R&R’ has astounding replayability just because of how versatile the track is. It’s the type of song you’ll have on repeat all day.

Possibly destined to be the biggest track from the LP is the collaboration with Bright Lights titled ‘So Bad’. This dubstep track features Bright Lights’ chilling vocals backed by some top notch synth work and production that lead up to the drop. The drop of this track is, to put it simply, great. The underlying layers are dark like we’ve come to expect from dubstep, yet there are lighter elements that greatly contrast to creative a perfect drop that doesn’t go over the top.

Overall this whole album is exceptional and we can’t wait to see what comes in the future from Savoy. After having this album on repeat for a while, we’re definitely interested. You can pick it up for free over on their Facebook page.

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