Sidney Samson Vs Afrojack – Riverside 2010 (KDJ Re-Think)

Have you heard enough dirty dutch electro? TOO BAD. Sidney Samson‘s “Riverside” was an absolute banger back in the day (Afrojack‘s remix of this is ridiculous). Afrojack’s” Polkadots” was perhaps more of a bomb (Oliver Twizt’s remix of this is also ridiculous). This rework manages to seamlessly combine what appears to be all 4 tracks into a completely new tune. Not to mention, the drop at 2:45 is nothing short of legendary. On a noize scale of 1-10, 10 being Proxy and 1 being Phil Collins, the noize factor of this rework= 10 x 10236

[audio: 2010 (KDJ Re-Think).mp3|titles=Riverside 2010 (KDJ Re-Think).mp3]

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