Skrillex x Mishka NY Capsule Collection / ‘Doompy Poomp’

Skrillex teams up with streetwear freaks Mishka for a small line of clothing and gear. In true Mishka fashion the designs are bold and a little offensive. A tee shirt, a snap back hat, and a backpack are the three pieces available at this time. This collection features the brand’s iconic eyeball with a Skrillex twist and yes all three pieces come in black.

Sonny also sneakily released a track for this collaboration that plays while you browse the web shop. Starting here you’ll be launched into an interactive minigame just to make it to the web shop. Bones, fire, beaches, and popup ads are all part of the show and the oddities don’t stop there. This new track that can only be described as “acidglitchwave” is probably the weirdest thing you will listen to today.

Skrillex, the boys at Mishka, and artist Sus Boy put together a fun and creative experience for this collaboration. You can aimlessly click your way to the web shop to find the collaboration for the clothing but the new track is a hidden easter egg. It requires some exploring and rewards users with gyrating Skrillex icons and skeletons. If you make it to the you are rewarded with the download link to the secret new song.

Skrocle – Doompy Poomp
[audio: Poomp.mp3|titles=Skrocle – Doompy Poomp]
Download: For those of you not so adventurous types.

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