Stafford Brothers: Strip Club Tour

The Stafford Brothers are back at it again! The Cash Money Records’ DJs, and one of the most sought after DJ acts in Australia, have officially become TMZ certified. After throwing some insane parties at a rented luxury home in California, they are being slapped with a lawsuit. The home owners claim that the Stafford Brothers threw numerous parties, including one for their music video for their hit ‘Hello’ featuring Lil Wayne. The owners also claim that the Stafford Brothers let their infamous ‘Party Kangaroo’ run wild in the house. All of these accusations tell us is one thing: the Stafford Brothers sure know how to party. This story broke just a few days before their ‘Strip Club’ tour kick-off, which begins today at The Light in Las Vegas – the perfect place to start that kind of tour. The tour spans from January 29th to March 27th and includes a stop at Haven in Atlantic City.

Tour Info

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