ALBUM REVIEW: Steve Aoki – Wonderland

Albums, they’re a strange commodity in the EDM genre. With such a daily influx of music, it’s a difficult choice for producers to set aside large portions of time on a group of tracks and the collective statement they want to make. Some particulars that come to mind are Kaskade’s Fire & Ice (2011) also Dynasty (2010), Deadmau5’s 4×4=12 (2010), Wolfgang Gartner’s Weekend In America (2011), and Tiesto’s Kaleidoscope (2009). Steve Aoki’s Wonderland is certainly one that will stick out, especially in the American market. Filled with some creative yet sometime trendy features, the overall feel provides a radio-friendly version of electro house with a heavy helping of dubstep. Obviously it’s hard to strike gold with every track, but there are plenty of standouts you’ll be spamming to friends.


Earthquakey People (feat. Rivers Cuomo) Confusing marketing, this is the original version of the song…not to be mistaken for ‘Earthquakey People [The Sequel]‘ which is a different edit released prior to the album for clear promotional purpose. ‘Earthquakey People’ blends Indie Rock vibes with electronic stabs; I’ve heard the track live and it’s strangely powerful. Being the first song on the album it sets an innovative precedent for the rest.

Cudi The Kid (feat. Kid Cudi & Travis Barker) Scrolling through the tracklist I’m sure that seeing a Steve Aoki / Kid Cudi / Travis Barker collaboration wasn’t something you expected. Eerie dubstep will start sliding out of your speakers complimented with trademark stoner lyrics from Cudi. Then your face starts melt as memories of Blink 182 surface from Barker’s astonishing drum combinations casually added between waves of bass.

Steve Jobs (feat. Angger Dimas) Angger Dimas people! The Indonesian makes an admirable appearance on the instrumental ‘Steve Jobs’. Video game synths will immediately impress ravers of all walks of life before being body slammed into sirens of reverb. Ideal victim for a lucrative bootleg, producers take note.

Ladi Dadi (feat. Wynter Gordon) Again, this is the first version with vocalist Wynter Gordon, ‘Ladi Dadi [Part 2]‘ is a different mix. Contrasting some college party chords and rockstar wobbles, it’s a very successful take on dubstep. Reevaluate your impressions of the oddball genre because you will find yourself listening to this more than once.

Ooh (feat. Rob Roy) Everyone’s dropped their phone in water, maybe spilled a drink on your computer or some sort of water versus technology problem. Well if your item of the future had one last song request it’d be ‘Ooh’ by Steve Aoki & Rob Roy. It’s the hardest track off the album and you’ll either listen to five seconds or the whole thing…stick with the latter.


Steve Aoki – Wonderland [Album]
[audio: People (ft. Rivers Cuomo).mp3, Dadi (ft. Wynter Gordon).mp3,, With Me (Deadmeat).mp3, (feat. Lil Jon & Chiddy Bang).mp3,’ My Love (feat. LMFAO & NERVO).mp3, Freak (feat. Blaqstarr & My Name Is Kay).mp3, Jobs (feat. Angger Dimas).mp3, (feat. Lovefoxxx).mp3, The Kid (feat. Kid Cudi & Travis Barker).mp3, (feat. Rob Roy).mp3, Kids Will Have Their Say.mp3, People (The Sequel).mp3, (feat. Lil Jon).mp3, Beef (feat. Miss Palmer).mp3, (feat. Steve Aoki).mp3|titles=01 Earthquakey People (ft. Rivers Cuomo).mp3,02 Ladi Dadi (ft. Wynter Gordon).mp3,Dangerous.mp3,Come With Me (Deadmeat).mp3,Emergency (feat. Lil Jon & Chiddy Bang).mp3,Livin’ My Love (feat. LMFAO & NERVO).mp3,Steve Jobs (feat. Angger Dimas).mp3,Control Freak (feat. Blaqstarr & My Name Is Kay).mp3,Heartbreaker (feat. Lovefoxxx).mp3,Cudi The Kid (feat. Kid Cudi & Travis Barker).mp3,Ooh (feat. Rob Roy).mp3,The Kids Will Have Their Say.mp3,Earthquakey People (The Sequel).mp3,Turbulence (feat. Lil Jon).mp3,No Beef (feat. Miss Palmer).mp3,Misfits (feat. Steve Aoki).mp3|animation=no|bg=0x0xac61f6|righticon=0xac61f6]Download: iTunes

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1) Earthquakey People (feat. Rivers Cuomo)
2) Ladi Dadi (feat. Wynter Gordon)
3) Dangerous (feat. Zuper Blahq)
4) Come With Me [Deadmeat] (feat. Nayer)
5) Emergency (feat. Lil Jon & Chiddy Bang)
6) Livin’ My Love (feat. LMFAO & NERVO)
7) Control Freak (feat. Blaqstarr & My Name Is Kay)
8) Steve Jobs (feat. Angger Dimas)
9) Heartbreaker (feat. Lovefoxxx)
10) Cudi The Kid (feat. Kid Cudi & Travis Barker)
11) Ooh (feat. Rob Roy)
12) The Kids Will Have Their Say (feat. Sick Boy)
13) Earthquakey People [The Sequel]

Bonus Tracks
14) Turbulence (feat. Laidback Luke & Lil Jon)
15) No Beef (feat. Afrojack & Miss Palmer)
16) Misfits (feat. Steve Aoki) – Travis Barker

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