Stop Shaming, Start Being Responsible

Stop Shaming, Start Being Responsible

This image is of one patron from this past weekend’s Electric Daisy Carnival in Flushing, NY. This image has been circulated with hateful comments such as “Don’t be this girl” and other insensitivities. I sadly had to witness this girl get carried past the entire front from of Circuit Grounds instead of discreetly around the back. Perhaps if instead of shaming her and snapping pictures on smartphones someone had actually helped her, this girl would be spared the disrespect her image is receiving now.
*Electronica Oasis does not advocate, support, or endorse drug use of any kind; That being said, know your limits*

Every year major festivals like Ultra Music Festival, the Electronic Daisy Carnival series, Electric Zoo, Camp Bisco, and other become the topic of conversation, there is also a mention of drug usage and a ‘drug problem’ specific to these types of events.While I acknowledge that there is usage at these events (we must remember that alcohol is also a form of drug), I think the real problem we are seeing is a lack of education on how to safely attend an event (with or without the use of a controlled substance). With songs like Tyga’s “Molly” and the phrase “Have you seen Molly?” being heavily associated with not only the EDM scene but festivals themselves, it seems nearly impossible to attend an event without hearing someone exclaiming that they are ‘rolling so hard right now’. So here is what needs to happen to combat this ‘drug problem’ we see so often in this scene:
1. Do some research 
I’m not saying don’t do drugs, don’t drink, or don’t attend festivals if you plan to do drugs and drink alcohol; what I am saying is take the time to fully educate yourself on what you’re taking and the effects it will have on you. With or without the use of drugs, you may become naseous, dehydrated, disoriented or otherwise affected by the crowded area, increased body heat, and intense special effects on stages. Even without drugs, you may experience some discomfort if you are not hydrated and have an empty stomach. If you do plan to partake in subtances, be they legal or not, know that this will further affect you and potentially impair your judgement.
2. Always make the music primary
If this is your first festival, make sure your primary reason for going to to enjoy the music, and anything you choose to partake in as secondary. I distinctly seeing many bemoan the droves of ‘bandwaggoners’ attending EDC NY who were not ‘true EDM fans’, and I heavily disagree: we all discovered EDM at one point, and festivals like the EDC series are a perfect way to discover multiple genres within the “umbrella term” of EDM all at once. In a day of EDC alone you can see more producers that you could in a week (most likely). The nice aspect of these events is that you get “more bang for your buck” and can trust that those around you are willing to help you enjoy your first time. If it’s your first time, my pro tip would be  don’t do any substances at all.
3. Buddy System / Mutual Respect System
At every event there is always one raver /  bro /  what have you that rages just a bit too hard and become a negative image for the scene as a whole. Whether its ultra girl (not that bad actually), naked asian man, or the countless images of people being carried off for overdosing at events, it’s important to note that this can and should be prevented. If you see someone in trouble, remember that Peace, Love, Unity, and Respect is not just something Frankie Bones yelled in ’93 nor just a magic handshake to trade kandi: always try to help someone in trouble. If you see someone who clearly needs water or medical attention bring them the help they need immediately! Whether its a bottle of water, a sandwich, an aspirin, or discreetly escorted to event staff for emergency fluids, never let your fellow raver shoulder the burden alone. If you partake in substances, have a buddy around in case you need them to help you (and likewise). By embracing a system of mutual respect and support, we can band together to help bring some good to the scene.


  • May 21, 2013

    Gregory Mull

    "Perhaps if instead of shaming her and snapping pictures on smartphones someone had actually helped her, this girl would be spared the disrespect her image is receiving now." That may be the dumbest thing someone has written in weeks. Maybe if the girl didn't get all fucked up, she would be spared. I know, its everyone else's fault she cant handle her drugs. She deserves to be shamed. This is shameful behavior. Its not ok to be passed out like a bum, if anyone deserves to be shamed…. its this girl, and you for writing something so stupid. Shame on you. Don't make excuses for drunk assholes.

  • May 21, 2013

    Michael Toomey

    How do you know she wasn't roofied Greg?

  • May 23, 2013

    Louie Tsang

    my experience at edcnyc this year was plenty more "casual" drug users than b4… while waiting for friends at the entrance of the event by the 7train entrance, i saw plenty of guys n girls(some looking as young as 14/15) stuff shit in bras, shoes, and socks b4 entering the ticket/search gate… im sorry for what happened to the girl in this pic but shit like this was rampant this year at edcnyc…

  • May 23, 2013

    Maggie Lynn

    Aren't you shaming her in a way by posting this on her site? I agree that you should post an article like this, but using the image is just perpetuating the shaming.

  • May 23, 2013

    Nicole Anna Savić

    Totally agree. I got there at noon on Friday, and I kid you not, at 12:20 there was already a girl behind me in the locker line throwing up and practically fainting. Her friend didn't seem to concerned to get her to the emergency tent which was right next to the lockers either.

  • May 23, 2013

    Derek Yoon


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