Student Loan Repayment Agreement

If you are determined to be in debt [AGENCY], you have the right to request the waiver of any debt that you may manifest under this service agreement on the basis of a correction of this type of debt [AGENCY] in whole or in part against equity and against good conscience or against the public interest. The filing of such a waiver request does not remain the functioning of [AGENCY`s] collection procedures. The application must be submitted to the CFO of your current or former company [AGENCY COMPONENT] who made the credit payments. If this service contract relates to a student loan for courses you hold during your activity at [AGENCY], you must always meet an average (AMP) of (no) during this service contract. In the event that the GPA falls to the bottom (No.), [AGENCE] will decide to end future payments. When payments are discontinued in accordance with this paragraph, the minimum duration of service – 3 years – must be completed or you are required to repay [AGENCY] as part of the [AGENCE]collection process all loan payments that [THE AGENCY] made on your behalf under this agreement; If 3 years of service have already been completed under this service contract, any remaining service obligations are terminated. As long as this service contract is in effect, after each school term you attend, you must provide [AGENCY COMPONENT] with a copy of your school`s course notes so that [AGENCY] can verify your subsequent payment right in accordance with this paragraph. For the duration of this service contract, they must retain at least one fully successful or equivalent performance evaluation and applicable security permission (access authorization). If your performance assessment falls below this level or if your security contract is revoked or if you are unintentionally separated for misconduct, credit payments will be immediately discontinued and you are required to repay [AGENCY] the total amount of credit payments that [AGENCE] has made on your behalf as part of [AGENCY`] collection procedure.

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