Suncatcher – Are We There Yet?

Suncatcher bestows upon us his latest uplifting trance masterpiece, ‘Are We There Yet?’ A trance purest at heart, we never have to worry about Suncatcher clogging up his tracks with trouse-y electro drops. ‘Are We There Yet?’ includes an insurmountable bassline and an ever more invincible melody to drive the track. Wasting no time, Suncatcher opens ‘Are We There Yet?’ with the bass already pounding away. Around the 1:00 mark, the bass begins to let up and all slows down for a harmonious lull filled with entrancing layers and various melodies. The echoing nature of ‘Are We There Yet?’ conveys a tranquil feel to the listener. The bass slowly builds us back up to a heart pounding 138 BPM for a strong finish. ‘Are We There Yet?’ is out now on Always Alive Recordings, a sub-label of Enhanced Music, and available for purchase exclusively on Beatport.

Purchase: Beatport

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