Surkin – USA Album Teaser

I have always been a massive Surkin fan. If you are reading this, you should be too, because this guys productions are about as dancefloor friendly as you can get. This is french house at its finest. His track “White Knight II” was a massive hit and I have a feeling a few tracks on this album, U S A, have comparable potential. As if he is not busy enough with his newly formed label ‘Marble’ alongside Bobmo and Para One (who also are obnoxiously talented producers), Surkin has found time to make a full length album. This is the type of album that flows as a comprehensive piece of music, yet simultaneously has a few singles that are destined to stick out. Have a listen to the teaser below and tell me you are not impressed by the authentic and unique nature of his tunes. I am going to see Surkalurk in early December at Webster Hall, and I think it is going to be one hell of a show. I recently watched a video of him dropping ‘Afronuts’ by Yolanda Be Cool (Douster Remix). Who the hell drops that kind of music. What a savage.



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