Survivor – Eye of the Tiger (Hyperbits & Bender Remix)

If you’re in need of an injection of badass, Hyperbits and Bender have actually created a tasteful rework of this 80s classic. From Hyperbits himself, here are 7 reasons why ‘Eye of the Tiger’ had to be remixed:

1. Keith Bender is always full of good ideas.

2. Survivor’s ‘Eye of the Tiger’ was actually rated the #1 most terribly inspirational 80’s song by

3. This song is capable of making even the most weak and pedestrian activities in life instill an awe-inspiring sense of rage and aggression (i.e. play this remix while doing your laundry and just see what happens)

4. We all know ‘Eye of the Tiger’ is the only reason Rocky was able to defeat Ivan Drago in Rocky IV.

5. This song actually makes 5 dudes walking around in make up and perfectly conditioned hair look entirely bad-ass.

6. When Sylvester Stallone takes a cycle of steroids he injects this song.

7. This remix is scheduled to be in the official trailer for Rocky XXIII

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