Swanky Tunes – Scratch

Swanky Tunes pulls out all the stops once again with their brand new single ‘Scratch’. Throwing bits of classic rave, acid and modern electro and progressive in the mix creates an exciting and strong cocktail. Known for their hard hitting club bangers, ‘Scratch’ errs more on the funky side of productions for the Russian trio. ‘Scratch’ harbors an intimate feel more so than a ‘big-room’ vibe; although ‘Scratch’ contains a build up, the drop immediately following is modest and crisp. Playing up the name of the track, ‘Scratch’ incorporates the scratching sound of vinyl just before the drop breaks down into a TJR-approved electro-hoppy melody. Out now on Spinnin Records and available for purchase via Beatport, give this jumpy new track a listen!

Purchase: Beatport

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