Tapesh & KANT – Talking Dirty + Ey Yo

This is the summer of Tapesh & KANT. The perfect duo. An awesome combination of Joachim Schaarup-Jensen, a young Danish producer new to the house game who goes by his alias KANT, paired with an acclaimed German mastermind, Marian Gajewski aka Tapesh. The two have great range in their playing abilities which make for exciting productions.

KANT comes from a hip hop background but after being introduced to deep house, hit the ground running. Whereas, Tapesh had a father who owned night clubs in the 80’s therefore growing up with house music. ‘Talking Dirty’ has many different elements that blend superbly when mixed together. The combination of majestic strings, hip-hop influence vocals, and elaborate percussion, paired with thumping bass and that house groove.

Released by Electronique Digital on 7.29, the ‘Talking Dirty EP’ also features another excellent track by the duo. ‘Ey Yo’ is a dark, sinister, dirty house groove that you cant help but rock your head to. Don’t be surprised if you start hearing these tracks all over. We warned you.

Purchase: Beatport

Purchase: Beatport

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