TECH TUESDAYS: Trevor Rockcliffe & Joe Brunning – Make You Freak/Now Let Me See You Work

TECH TUESDAYS: Trevor Rockcliffe & Joe Brunning - Make You Freak

Union Jack aka Trevor Rockcliffe & Joe Brunning are probably the most underrated producers among the Techno/Tech house genre. These two fantastic British individuals produce some of the most groovetastic tribal techno I have ever heard in my life. Some tracks include ‘Jack Back,’ ‘Make You Freak,’ and the Ultra Music Festival Carl Cox anthem; ‘Now Let Me See You Work.’ Trevor was the first artist signed to Carl Cox’s ‘Ultimate DJ agency’ label, producing nothing but bangers ever since. Joe’s productions come forth on labels such as; CR2, Intec Digital, Bush, Mentor, etc that are nothing short of spectacular. Carl Cox has a passion for playing tracks by these two artists in his sets and receive some incredible crowd reaction.

I can remember raging to Carl Cox in Miami Friday night hearing this ’10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, ….. 1… Now let me see you work!’ and just losing my mind to the beat! (Btw, <-- click that hyperlink, it is a video of what I just described. Watch the Epicness) I had run back to my friend's hotel room looking up this track coming across Joe Brunning (and Trevor Rockcliffe) questioning myself, 'Where the hell were these guys my whole life?' Highly anticipating his next set on Saturday I was standing waiting to hear 'Now Let Me See You Work' again because of how good it was. It seriously was embraced among the entire crowd. Hearing everybody chant that notorious countdown. I can remember praying he'd play this again during Electric Zoo and he did! A track that should be included among any tech/techno Dj's sets. 'Make You Freak' is also a track that was included multiple times in Carl Cox's sets. This bodacious, funky ass sexy saxophone (sexaphone?) banger always makes me dance like a lunatic. I just love that saxobeat loop that goes into this hard hitting tribal drop. It is track I have included in some of my techno mixes because of how damn funky it is! Go download a bunch of Trevor Rockcliffe & Joe Brunning tracks because you'll be struttin' the streets with some swagger since these beats will MAKE YOU FREAK! Now let me see you work! God I love puns. Trevor Rockcliffe & Joe Brunning – Make You Freak
[audio: You Freak.mp3|titles=Make You Freak.mp3]

Joe Brunning – Now Let Me See You Work
[audio: let me see you work.mp3|titles=Now let me see you work.mp3]

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