The Glitch Mob – Can’t Hold Us

California based Glitch Mob are masters of the kind of filmic, expansive and basically epic glitch hop/IDM they pioneered alongside the likes of Flying Lotus and, to a certain degree, Koan Sound. Their new album: “LOVE DEATH IMMORTALITY” promises to be much of the same (in a good way) as “Drink The Sea” and the single from it: “Can’t Kill Us” is definitely the kind of pounding, intense, almost cataclysmic sounds that leave the heart throbbing and the ears pulsating.

Don’t be fooled, though, this isn’t what one would normally describe as “dance music” despite it being featured here on Electronica Oasis, more the kind of music you’d expect for the fight scene at the end of  a superhero movie. Explosions not included.


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