The History of Daft Punk

Check out this little history lesson about the pioneers of electronic dance music, it’s awesome.

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  • December 22, 2010


    Daft Punk is epic. I’m not sure if anyone else has noticed, but deadmau5 has followed in Daft Punks footsteps. He had music coming out of a bedroom, handed a mix to Pete Tong and started his career. Throughout the past couple of years he has put up some decent albums but mainly focused on marketing himself like daft punk did; Epic visuals, costumes, Etc. I have also heard that the same company that does visual for daft punk, does visual for deadmau5. Daft Punk set the standard for artists like this and many EDM producers have taken on the same style. Bloody Beetroots and the upcoming mau5trap artist feed me. Long live daft punk.

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