The Weekend Playlist

The Weekend Playlist 7/29/11

This week I got back into TurnTable.Fm and I have found a pretty good bunch of mashups and remixes. So have a listen and make sure to come hang out with us in the Electronica Oasis TurnTable room. Make sure to check our 3LAU and Yoni Einhorn’s SoundCloud pages. They have some pretty great stuff and you can download for free.

1) Dakota – Sinners (KhoMha Remix)
2) Mord Fustang – Super Meat Freeze (Original Mix)
3) Michael Mind – Ride Like The Wind (Klaas Remix)
4) 3LAU – All Night Long
5) Avicii – Levels (Haydn Hoffman Bootleg Remix)
6) Yoni Einhorn – One More Yeah
7) Kap Slap + 3LAU – E.T. Feels Starry Eyed (3LAU Remix)
8) Yoni Einhorn – Hit Me With Lightning
9) Alex Kidd – Feel Your Soul (Dirty Mix)
10) Overwerk – I am London (Mashup)

[audio: (KhoMha Remix).mp3, Meat Freeze (Original Mix).mp3, Night Long (LMFAO Ellie G Mann Darth & Vader).mp3, Like The Wind (Klaas Remix).mp3, (Haydn Hoffman Bootleg Remix).mp3, More Yeah (Remastered).mp3, Feels Starry Eyed (3LAU Remix).mp3, Me With Lightning.mp3, Your Soul (Dirty Mix).mp3, Am London (Mashup).mp3|titles=Sinners (KhoMha Remix).mp3,Super Meat Freeze (Original Mix).mp3,All Night Long (LMFAO Ellie G Mann Darth & Vader).mp3,Ride Like The Wind (Klaas Remix).mp3,Levels (Haydn Hoffman Bootleg Remix).mp3,One More Yeah (Remastered).mp3,E.T. Feels Starry Eyed (3LAU Remix).mp3,Hit Me With Lightning.mp3,Feel Your Soul (Dirty Mix).mp3,I Am London (Mashup).mp3|animation=no|bg=0x0xac61f6|righticon=0xac61f6]

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