TheFatRat – Dancing Naked

TheFatRat is back with a new glitchy, electro single and a coniciding self-produced satirical video. Watch as the sock puppet rat breaks through cyber walls and infiltrates aspects of pop culture- TV shows, movies, video games and other forms of multimedia and advertisement.

“The plot behind the video of “Dancing Naked” is a classic quest,” TheFatRat said. “A hero breaking free from restraints, traveling the world, fighting and hustling, searching for a place he can call his home and a true friend.”

Although a sock puppet rat may seem like a peculiar choice for a hero, “…we all can relate to this hero, because his journey is our journey,” TheFatRat asserted. “Just like the rat, we all travel through media every day, searching for the holy grail of entertainment.”

The catchy track’s subtle, joyous build-ups drop us into, what sounds like, a glitchy electro video game. Vocals reminiscent of a technological Alvin & The Chipmunks work as the perfect voice-over for the sock puppet rat!

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