Throwback Thursday: Blackmill – Miracle

Blackmill, or Robert J.C. received a lot of publicity on his music in 2012. He became well known for bringing his beautiful melodies and unique sounds to the dubstep genre. He called this melodic dubstep. Blackmill has quite an interesting story. Blackmill is the name of the home his grand-parents used to own. They have since passed away and he continues to make music in the hope that he will one day make enough money to buy the house, a piece of his childhood, back.

‘Miracle’ is a perfect example of Blackmill’s work. It is one of his most viewed songs, and currently has nearly 1,800,000 plays on Youtube and 120,000 plays on Soundcloud. The song starts off with a beautiful piano intro, and if it weren’t for a few parts of the bass-line, you wouldn’t believe it was dubstep. If you haven’t heard of Blackmill, you should definitely check him out, and if you enjoy the music, buy it to help his cause!

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Blackmill – Miracle

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