Throwback Thursday: Dirty South

Dragan Roganović, better known as Dirty South, is one of the best producers and DJ’s on the planet. Not as bold of a statement as one might think. It’s the truth.

Many people who are newer to the house music scene might only know Dirty South for ‘Sweet Disposition,’ ‘Alive,’ or ‘Coming Home.’ But, this man has been in the game for quite awhile. Those tracks aren’t even a deck chair off a yacht in terms of what he has done musically.

His notable work dates back to 2004.

Let me drop some knowledge about this pioneering Australian DJ (and for those who already are familiar with these, consider it a refresher course. Don’t you wish he still dropped these live?)

First up, his remix of Evermore’s ‘It’s Too Late.’ Let me just say ‘wow.’ This is one of the strongest remixes you’ll ever here. Dirty South showed us a rare glimpse of his hard electro side. The ominous instrumental before the electro breakdown along with the vocals make this a genius track. This was released in 2006, and I’m sure the grimeyness on the dance floor was kicked up a notch when this was played. I have personally freaked it to this song (on the dance floor. Circa 2008.)

Evermore – It’s Too Late (Dirty South Remix)

[audio:’s Too Late (Dirty South Remix).mp3|titles=It’s Too Late (Dirty South Remix).mp3]
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Next up, a masterpiece. Not just a remix but a statement. This song has the uplifting vocals and the genius house vibe that make this a personal favorite. This genre breaking 2006 track straddled the line of electro and progressive house. The pianos in ‘Changes’ are a different breed. They aren’t the big room keys we here today, just a subtle melody, rather. That was all waiting for Dirty South when he re-tooled this Chris Lake classic.

Chris Lake – Changes (Dirty South Remix)

[audio: Changes (Dirty South Remix).mp3|titles=01 Changes (Dirty South Remix).mp3]
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Finally, house music patriarch Roger Sanchez released ‘Not Enough’ in 2007. Dirty South did him one better. He remixed it. The unique, darkly arranged remix from Dirty South is one of the most mysterious tracks you’ll here. The alternating pitches on the ‘boing’ sound you’ll here are reminiscent of techno sounds of yesteryear, but they work to perfection.

Roger Sanchez - Not Enough (Dirty South Remix)

[audio: Enough (Dirty South Remix).mp3|titles=Not Enough (Dirty South Remix).mp3]
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