Throwback Thursday! (Get Weird Edition)

Sometimes I feel that our blog is a bit too predictable/conventional, and I will therefore use this post to demonstrate that we do in fact have a sense of humor. I’m having some drinks on this glorious Thursday night before the holiday weekend, and I am in a pretty weird mood. Therefore, I will be posting some odd electro! This is music that is generally played either on my 8 AM commute on a Monday morning, or at 4 AM after a long Saturday night. To sum it up in one word…weird. It is neither new nor old, progressive nor electro…just plain weird. First up is Drop The Lime’s ‘Hot As Hell’ (Canblaster Remix). This song is filed under the genre ‘HorseStep’ on Canblasters SoundCloud. Weird as shit! Next up is Yelle’s ‘Safari Disco Club’ (BeatauCue Remix). This track is just chock full of obnoxious breakdowns and cool french vocals. Yelle is just plain weird/awesome (and hot?). God I love her. Lastly, one of my all time favorite tracks. Surkin’s ‘White Knight Two’ (Laidback Luke Remix). Cool French electronic dance music…and if you don’t like this track, you are a true idiot. :)

Drop The Lime – Hot As Hell (Canblaster Remix)

Yelle – Safari Disco Club (BeatauCue Remix)

Surkin – White Knight Two (Laidback Luke Remix)

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