Throwback Thursday: Infected Mushroom – Deeply Disturbed

Back in 2004 I discovered what I deemed “a different type of techno”. This different “techno” happened to be Israeli duo Infected Mushroom. Within the evolution of EDM, these guys have stood the test of time and I was able to discover that not all dance music is described as techno(some are still trying to figure that out).

‘Deeply Disturbed’, produced by the psy trance legends came out in June of 2003. Although that’s nearly a decade ago, the duo still somehow remains relevant in not only their niche, but in dance music as a whole.

Infected Mushroom – Deeply Disturbed
[audio: Disturbed.mp3|titles=Deeply Disturbed.mp3]

This is considered to be one of their classics, and the creepy vocal sample is perfectly placed, as their samples almost always are. This is a true throwback. FYI, the duo resurfaced on the EO radar recently as the guys just released an EP off of Dim Mak and we were lucky enough to get ourselves an interview with the duo (it’s right below!). The EP ,  ‘Army of Mushrooms’, is available now. It is going to be interesting to see what kind of Infected Mushroom production made its way onto Steve Aoki’s iconic label.

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