Throwback Thursday: Mason

Mason, a dutch duo comprised of Iason Chronis and Coen Berrier, had tremendous success with their 2007 hit, ‘Exceeder’. Initially, it was just an instrumental first popularizing the UK; the track added vocals and there’s your 2007 bar/club banger. Mason has been pretty quiet since, but have released 3 singles this year along with 4 separate remixes, most of which were released by their label, Animal Language.

Mason – Exceeeder

Mason’s ‘Perfect (Exceeder)’ fits right in with that grouping 2006-7 electronic tracks that decided it’d be best to feature scantily clad women throughout their videos (it doesn’t hurt visually). Not sure who did it first (maybe Benassi with ‘Satisfaction‘?) but the Mason vs Superstar Princess video keeps with the trend, though one can’t help but question the visors.

The song still gets some love as Felguk and Tits & Clits both have some remixes released the past two years that are totally worth sharing.

Mason – Exceeder (Felguk Remix)

Mason vs. Princess Superstar – Perfect Exceeder (Tits & Clits Club Mix)

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