Throwback Thursday: Michael Mind

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Bet you haven’t heard that name in a while! Let’s get it.

Electro house between 2007-09 had a particularly great sound. These days we get a lot of dub-house or electro-step or some sub-genre of electro house that, to some, is an acquired taste. Michael Mind was one of the greats of the 2007-09 era. As you’ll hear in these three songs, he defines the electro sound as well as anyone. First example: Baker street. More Michael Mind after the jump!

Michael Mind – Baker Street

Download: Beatport

If your favorite house song is lucky enough to get an official music video you’ll notice something. Something it has in common with other music videos in its genre. It’ll involve at least one hot girl, it
won’t make much sense and you might get a cameo from the DJ who made the track.

God, don’t you just love house music videos?

All those apply to the 2009 Michael Mind scorcher ‘Gotta let You Go’ (And, actually, all the videos in this post.)

This track might look familiar. Just two weeks ago it was re-released by Peter Gelderblom with vocals from Dominica. This version, I’ll always stand by as the best. By far.

Michael Mind – Gotta Let You Go

Download: Beatport

‘Blinded By The Light’ is that song you’re always going to have to Google who sung the original (who was it any way?) Michael Mind fans know it as his song, though. Enjoy the bass.

Michael Mind – Blinded By The Light

Download: Beatport

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  • October 7, 2011

    Joey Joey Joey

    WOW, the girls in the ‘Blinded By The Light’ vid are SLAMMING..The girl at 1:58, yikes!!!!

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