Throwback Thursday : Sidney Samson – Riverside

Riverside Mothafucka! What a legendary song. Honestly, Sidney Samson had the right idea when he decided to take obnoxious Dutch bleeps and couple it with an inappropriate vocal. Instant classic if you ask me. The video is also unbelievably cool. This is the tune that put Sidney Samson on the map, and he has now gone on to produce some of the biggest Dutch house songs of the last two years.

Sidney Samson Feat. Wizard Sleeve – Riverside (Let’s Go!)
[audio: (Let’s Go).mp3|titles=Riverside (Let’s Go).mp3]

Although some may attest to the fact that the Dutch sound is a bit played out (which I happen to agree with), if you are going to listen to pitch-bendy, bleepy, chainsaw madness-oriented music, you might as well go with Sidney. The music video is a must see and is posted below, Check it! If not, you’ll be missing out.

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