Throwback Thursday : Surkin – White Knight Two

In anticipation of his set on Friday night at Webster Hall (Its about time! He had numerous visa issues), White Knight Two by Surkin was one of 2008’s boldest dance music tracks. A massive hit off of his Next of Kin EP, White Knight Two is the epitome of Surkin’s nu-wave, french touch sound. The sound, championed by the likes of label mates Para One and Bobmo, led the way for guys like Louis La Roche and Brodinski.

Surkin – White Knight Two
[audio: Knight Two.mp3|titles=White Knight Two.mp3]

The track itself fits just as well at an 80s disco as it would at a hipster club in Brooklyn around 4 am. An infectious stuttered vocal coupled with a relentless yet warm kick drum make this track a dancefloor destroyer. Structurally, the track is absolutely flawless. If you can make it until the outro, you will thank yourself. A pitched up vocal combined with the original synth riff evident throughout the track make for some very, VERY catchy and interesting dance music. Don’t forget we’re giving tickets away for this event! Also, be sure to check back next week for an interview with the man himself!

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