Throwback Thursday: Wippenberg – Pong

Wipenberg’s seminal track ‘Pong’ is more than just an anthem, it’s one of those epic tunes that never seems to get old. DJ’s still bootleg it, listeners still play it on their iPods, and there have even been trance DJs that have recently played out the original. The chord progression is just unbelievable. If you set your alarm at 7 30 AM and this track starts playing, you are bound to have an amazing day (your chances are usually higher if you actually like this music).

Wippenberg – Pong

Utilizing groovy percussion and an instantly recognizable synth riff, Wippenberg put himself on the map with this track. Even the follow up, which sounds strikingly similar, ended up being extremely effective in a club (see Chakalaka). Most would classify it as progressive trance, but all of us at EO would classify it as ‘Epic Trance That Never Gets Old”. Hopefully this track serves as a great way to kick off your Thursday evening into what looks like another hot weekend.

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