Tommy Trash at HQ Beach Club with #DOACNightlife

When the weather report says 80 degrees for a Saturday and you live in New York City your one duty is to find a way to get the F out. Sure your friend has a rooftop you can put your yoga mat on but lets be honest, that black tar beach is shit and your friends jam box doesn’t drown out the weekend construction.

Luckily you don’t need to get on a plane to have an epic weekend! Revel’s HQ Beach Club in Atlantic City is boasting some insane events this summer and let me tell you, it’s a must-do. Last Saturday, we took the DO AC bus out of Chelsea piers and headed down to other East Coast city without a bed time for some fun in the sun at AC’s finest resort. The bus provided rock star amenities from head to toe and started us off with booze and food for our adventure down at around 10:30 am on Saturday. There was way more than that provided though the ride included CDJs, quality speakers, club lighting, smoke machines and plenty of space to ride in style. With barely enough time to wipe last night out of our eyes, it was on. With first class service and enough alcohol to literally fuel the bus, it didn’t take long to turn our ride into a dance floor.

We arrived at our destination around 1pm and our group was more than ready to go. We immediately were brought to the front of the line and escorted to what would be our VIP area for the next few hours. The legendary party had Tommy Trash spinning and setting the mood right. Mr. Trash legit knows how to start a party and the outdoor venues only fueled the desire to party. The pool had crowd of dancers, chicken fighters and enough eye candy to satisfy your sweet tooth. To experience this kind of event from the VIP section was truly a dream. The wait staff at Revel HQ knows whats up. My glass was never below half full (optimism), my drink was always cold and the shrimp cocktail was banging.

Bathed in sun and service, after a few short hours our DO AC crew felt like we’d known each other for years. The day became a haze or almost lucid dream of what life could or should be like. We are no strangers to the endless search of that epic dish of good company and good environment and this had all the ingredients.


There is no need to boast or spill out fancy words to capture what HQ Beach Club brings to the table; its legend speaks for itself. Combine this with celebrity type treatment and a legit group of like-minded people and POW! Right in the kisser. THEN, right when you think DO AC has completely out done themselves, they set us up with a proper post rage meal (duh, pizza) and enough alcohol to lush up a full second group.

I’ve exchanged stories and emails with my new friends and look forward to future experiences and bull shitting about our past ones. A summer must through and through.

Hey New York, DO AC!!

Words by Ryan LaLuna and Matt Petillo

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