Top 25 Tracks of 2011 Countdown: #11 Bassjackers  – Mush Mush

If there is one song I’ll never get sick of hearing live, its ‘Mush Mush’ by Bassjackers. Whenever this song drops, the crowd energy erupts into a frenzy and everyone just goes bonkers. Even in the car, I’ll rip my subs all the way up and the drop will make my rearview mirror try to commit suicide from the vibrations. The build is just so EPIC! it makes you grind your teeth and squint your eyes ready to explode, and that is exactly what happens when the track drops. Also a great track to ‘mush’ together with another (mash up), yeah I just tried to pun the hell out of that, fail? I don’t know… Anyways, if you don’t have this on your iPod. Slap yourself and download it. Mush Mush ladies and gentlemen.

Bassjackers  – Mush Mush

[audio: Mush.mp3|titles=Mush Mush.mp3]

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