Trance.Here.Now. with Paul Oakenfold @ Cielo 11.24

As 2013 draws to its latter stages and the digital dance music domain shows no signs of slowing, DANCE.HERE.NOW presents a new era for New York clubbing with TRANCE.HERE.NOW. set to kick off on November 24 with the one and only PAUL OAKENFOLD.

Fresh off a groundbreaking Las Vegas residency, and with over two decades of globe trotting disc jockeying under his belt, PAUL OAKENFOLD comes to New York City eager to deliver his signature melodic, euphoric trance stylings with, perhaps, a smattering of that new age electro flavor turning so many heads to stateside dance music culture over the past few years. “The sound that’s being played at the moment has these [aspects] that are very similar to trance,” Oakenfold explains. “But it seems that everyone’s playing the same tracks. I was looking into it a lot deeper and thinking what can you bring that’s different but also exciting young and new, introducing a sound that’s incredibly popular around the world but not necessarily in America.”

Join CIELO, DANCE.HERE.NOW in welcoming the one and only Paul Oakenfold to kick off TRANCE.HERE.NOW. in what surely will be a memorable fashion!

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