Tristan Garner – Digital Rocker EP

Anyone looking to add a fistful of grit to their daily electro regimen should check out Parisian producer Tristan Garner’s rebellious new EP ‘Digital Rocker’. As the title aptly implies, Garner’s 5-track release infuses his signature distorted punk rock sound with elements of disco and hard hitting electro; think Daft Punk meets The Bloody Beetroots, with sporadic dashes of Depeche Mode. While hard-hitting tracks like ‘Rage Again’ and ‘Digital Rocker’ certainly showcase the producer’s heavier side, Garner also reminds listeners that he is not a one trick pony with the hauntingly melodious opening of ‘Sloan’ and the beautifully funky ‘Meteor’.

Tristan Garner – Digital Rocker (Preview)

Tristan Garner – Meteor (Preview)

Ultimately, Garner’s ability to incorporate so many diverse musical styles creates a refreshingly different auditory experience for any electronic fan. ‘Digital Rocker’ is out now and can be purchased exclusively from Beatport here. Also, be sure to listen his set from Tomorrowland for more of his wild sound and incredible bootlegs (who else can incorporate Queen and Metallica alongside Daft Punk and Hardwell?)

Tristan Gardner – Tomorrowland 2012

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