Tristan Garner – Punx

A preview of this chune was leaked a couple weeks ago where Garner acknowledged that Punx is in fact a tribute to Daft Punk. Garner cites the french duo as a major influence in his musical career, not sure there are many French DJ/Producers that aren’t majorly influenced by these guys.

With massive productions like Bounce, Raven, and Overdrive in 2011, we see big things on the horizon for Garner. Punx is a great way to start off 2012 and its always refreshing to see an artist pay tribute to another that wouldn’t necessarily be considered the same type of sound.

Tristan Garner – Punx
Download: Beatport


  • February 28, 2012


    What the fuck is a chune?

  • February 28, 2012

    Joey Joey Joey

    Chune=Tune. Coined by Pete Tong or some other British person.

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