Tritonal – Bullet That Saved Me Remixes

Massive remixes from the brilliant minds behind Tritonal are released on Beatport today. They take ‘Bullet That Saved Me’ and give us not one, but four remixes! In typical Tritonal style, they challenged themselves and withstood expectations. Chad Cisneros and Dave Reed lay down the gentle melody that is accompanied by angelic vocals from singer Underdown. With the help of Sebjak, Ken Loi, and Ilan Bluestone, Tritonal unleashes a package of remixes that are a fresh take on their lead single, off of Tritonal’s ‘Metamorphic’ EP.

‘Festival Mix’: The appropriately named Festival Mix has new wave energy and uplifting beat coupled with soothing lyrics converge make the perfect combination for . When Tritonal dropped the Festival Mix at Ultra Music Festival, it’s no wonder the crowd went wild.

‘Sebjak Rave Remix’: This remix has a grittier sound with a more electro house sound. With sharp synths and a bumping bass, this remix takes on a darker rendition of the original. Sebjak creates perhaps the most infectious for those who can’t resist bouncing to a hot beat.

‘Ken Loi Remix’: The heaviest mix comes from U.S. Producer Ken Loi. His intense interpretation is executed with a crushing drop that leads into a hard bass and synth passage. This is the most forceful and energetic remix of the four.

‘Ilan Bluestone Remix’: If aggressive and tremendous are qualities you prefer in the entirety of tracks you jam to, the Ilan Bluestone Remix is the one for you. This song creates an experience, with a pounding bass and a consistently high energy. Bluestone’s remix has a more progressive take on the original and he brings the vigor with this one.

Although each mix brings something different with their track, they all maintain the same elephantine impression. These releases are of the second part of the ‘Metamorphic’ EP series. Tritonal is currently on tour in the United States.

Tritonal – Bullet That Saved Me Remixes

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