Twas the night before EZF…

A poem by Shikey Tuesday

Twas the night before EZF, and we’re all dreaming of house
The line up is awesome, but it’s missing Deadmau5

All the passes are set to wrap ‘round our wrists
For all weekend long we’ll be pumping our fists

Many colors of rave shades to throw on your faces
By the end of day one you won’t be walking 5 paces

I’d recommend Mat Zo, Porter, and Arty
No matter who you choose, you’re bound for a party

Tiesto’s on Friday, and Guetta’s on Sat
Check out AVB Sunday if you’re not dead off the bat

Some good friends are missing, like Avicii and Dada Life
But hey you never know, you could meet your wife

I can’t say I’m sad about no SHM
But next year I’d love to see them again

Whether you get to the island by train, ferry or bus
Pick your move early and find a stage to rush

Three days of EDM, are you sure you can last?
Go nuts while you can, before it’s a thing of the past

With peace, love and beats you can make a friend or two
During an insane weekend at the Electric Zoo

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