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tyDi has been touring the world recently, releasing music videos, and spending time with the less fortunate, and still has time to release an album. Tyson Illingworth has released ‘Hotel Rooms’, an album compiled of a bunch of tracks totally not related to EDM. Some tracks you will recognize, and some you will not. It’s not very often you get an album with 25 songs, let alone from a producer. Each track tells a story with a different sound, and captivates an audience. tyDi actually got his early influences from bands like Taking Back Sunday, Blink 182, The Uses, and many more. This shows in ‘Hotel Rooms’ with rock influenced tracks throughout the album. There are no ‘bangers’ or huge drops in ‘Hotel Rooms’, just beautifully produced melodies which tyDi put his heart and soul into.

‘Hotel Rooms’ isn’t an album with tracks you will hear at the club. It’s much more than that, songs that will take you somewhere deep and mean so much more than a drop. Whether you are driving, going to sleep, traveling, working out, each and every song can take you into that magical place that EDM nowadays can not. ‘Hotel Rooms’ is chill, ambient, and flat out stunning.

We recently got the chance to speak with tyDi and here’s what he had to say regarding ‘Hotel Rooms’
EO: Yeah that is definitely mind blowing. ‘Hotel Room’s’ comes out November 22nd and it’s a variety of stuff, totally not EDM. All those songs, do you think they tell a story for you?
tydi: Totally not EDM, totally chill out. Well ‘Hotel Rooms’ is a project of all my own music and I produced each and every track but a lot of the tracks aren’t brand new. I wouldn’t call it a new album because a lot of the tracks are classics from previous albums like chill out songs that might have gone unnoticed, just weird songs that I put on soundcloud that my fans might know but not dance songs that I played at clubs. Half the album is brand new and half are prior songs from over the years. It just kind of came to me that I’m going to make an album where it’s all that music that isn’t dance music, a totally different style. It’s more just like a showcase of what I do outside of EDM.

tyDi feat. Carmen Keigans – Gravity (02:22)
tyDi feat. Luke Mansini – Chasing Nothing (03:24)
tyDi feat. Christina Novelli – Fire & Load (Stripped) (03:18)
tyDi – Before It Happens (03:44)
tyDi – So Close (02:16)
tyDi – Ashley’s Theme (03:42)
tyDi – QF15 (03:00)
tyDi – Her Lullaby (01:45)
tyDi feat. Tania Zygar – Vanilla (04:15)
tyDi – Nightfall In Suburbia (03:47)
tyDi – Red & Black (04:03)
tyDi – Ariana (03:20)
tyDi – Let You Go (04:32)
tyDi – Interlude (01:42)
tyDi – I Like, You Like (07:04)
tyDi feat. Audrey Gallagher – Worlds Apart (03:57)
tyDi – Meet Me In Kyoto (03:19)
tyDi feat. Kane – A Picture Never Taken (03:50)
tyDi – Half Of Everything (01:02)
tyDi feat. Tania Zygar – The Moment It Breaks (03:28)
tyDi – Look Closer (05:09)
tyDi – How Much Longer? (04:17)
tyDi – The Camera Doesn’t Lie, But You Do (04:15)
tyDi feat. Kane – Confirmation Bias (04:32)
tyDi – Sophie’s Theme (02:48)

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