Umek – Original Challenge, Gatex, Back In The Race

I have grown quite tired of music blogs (namely those aimed at the college demographic) characterizing all electronic dance music as “Techno“. Most people not familiar with the dance music scene put genres like electro house, trance, and dubstep all under the “Techno” umbrella. I mean do they know how wrong they are and how misinformed they sound to all of those individuals deeply entrenched in this scene? Probably not. Sorry to rant, it just really bothers me! Of course, many dance music genres branch off of techno and utilize elements of techno, but to characterize something like a dutch house song as techno seems way off to me. Well, here are some actual “Techno” songs by the Slovenian techno pioneer Umek. This dude absolutely murders beatport (buy his tracks here)…and for good reason. With monster tracks like his newly released ‘Original Challenge’, and his classics ‘Gatex’ and ‘Back In The Race’, he has established himself as a god amongst techno producers. I have included these gems in the post. For the love of god, listen to a Chuckie or Tiesto or Wolfgang Gartner song, then listen to one of Umek’s songs and note the difference. It is pretty clear. Enjoy these actual techno songs!

Original Challenge


Back In The Race

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  • January 27, 2011

    Robby P

    Also another note… Deadmau5 is a big fan of playing Umek tracks in his sets and everyone loves it. They don’t even realize the mau5 is playing techno in a lot of his sets.

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