Unable to Approve Blanket Purchase Agreement in Oracle Apps

5. In OU1, we have revised the approved GBPA and are trying to approve it. But he does not approve. We have completed the following configurations in R12.2.7 to approve gbpa. If I create a flat-rate purchase agreement without the Globlal option enabled, I don`t have such a problem. 4. Create GBPA and try to approve in OU1. It was approved for revision 0. But in OU2 cannot be trusted. You do not create versions for a global purchase agreement. Instead, create a standard purchase order for the same vendor and line, and you can see that the overall BPA is referenced in this document. There are some very good documents on Metalink.

Let me tell you my problem. I`m trying to create a general purchase order, but on a global scale. I mean, I check the global option. When I`m done, I approve the order and receive an ORDER ID. Then I try to create a version from the previous general purchase order. When I enter the order ID I received earlier, the system sends me an error (PO_NUM invalid). I don`t know what I`m doing wrong, or I need to set something up for the system to work with the global lump sum purchase agreement. When the Create Purchase Order Documents workflow creates a publishing document for a “local” general purchase agreement from an approved requisition, this workflow creates a standard purchase order. Global BPA is designed for multiple business units to share negotiated prices, but even in single-organizational unit facilities, suppliers prefer to receive a single order number (instead of the same BPA – Release doc) number. We also found that AP had fewer errors and invoice reconciliations.

3. Include detailed information in the text, including the Oracle product and version. Thanks for the information, I want to get tips on bulk BPA download, do you know any tools or APIs to automate BPA creation/update? Thank you for your nature and advice. 1. Approval hierarchies are disabled in the Financial Usage option. Therefore, the supervisor hierarchy is enabled. 3. Approval assignment completed for the employee assignment that created the AGM. New to my Oracle support community? Visit our Welcome Center Not having a My Oracle Support Community account yet? Click here to get started. Please abide by the Oracle Community Guidelines and refrain from posting customer or personal information (PI/CI).

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