Vechain Signs A Working Agreement With Mcdonald`s

Hey, my miserable cave infestations. They found me, I had to run a race for it. Are you listening? #cocawhispers #vechain $BTC $ETH $XRP $IOTA $NEO $ICX in partnership with Microsoft and Viseo, VeChain has created a digital automatic maintenance book that is manipulatively resistant to Blockchain technology. In this way, if an owner wishes to sell a vehicle, he/she can share data about the vehicle that is inviolable, such as mileage, thus creating trust between buyer and seller. In China, DB Schenker employs more than 5,700 people and works in the country`s 60 main cities. In China, DB Schenker works with many external logistics providers to offer solutions throughout China. With VeChain, DB Schenker has implemented a vendor evaluation system on the VeChainThor platform. DB Schenker can thus evaluate the performance of the third parties with whom they work. VeChain is a project with some of the most ardent support in crypto. Supporters abandon their ties with large companies by placing it well ahead of all their competitors to become the number one business-focused blockchain network. Although VeChain has confirmed many important partnerships, the project has also attracted many unproven rumours and widespread speculation. DNV GL`s official press release, which announced the company`s partnership with VeChain as early as January 2018, states that companies “will first target the food, beverage, retail and fashion sectors and gradually expand into other sectors, starting with automotive and aerospace.” Nabaa`s BlockShow Asia speech describes how they have already started using Food and Beverage solutions, DNV GL`s MyStory application now tracking wine sold in Shanghai with VeChain RFID chips and the VeThor blockchain platform. In addition to verifying the authenticity of the wine, they imagine this application that offers details on the minutiae such as the grape variety and the composition of the soil used in wine production, with scanners and chips associated with the VeThor blockchain, which follows every step of the production process.

VeChain will help the alliance develop its platform by connecting member organizations in China`s food supply chain and providing technical assistance. Some interesting information was revealed by VeChain fans on Reddit without the team`s official announcement. VeChain has a multi-level network node structure with a target of 101 knots of authority at the highest level. Analysis of the ip addresses associated with these nodes led Redditoren to discover that the owners of authority nodes probably belong to Alisoft, subsidiary of Alibaba, as well as Prudential Fund Management Co. Ltd. Kohne- Nagel China will use Vechain`s blockchain technology to intelligently packages and assets, particularly luxury goods, by equipping them with a chip containing a private key reflecting ownership information on the blockchain. The apparent connection with Delta Airlines is the most insolent of all speculation, but also the most highly elected.

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