VH1 – SMIRNOFF Master of the Mix (Week 5 Update)


The end is near, my friends. With only three DJs left standing in SMIRNOFF’s Master of the Mix, which aired last night on VH1, the competition is fierce and it’s clear that every DJ still scratching behind his turntable is talented. Last night’s episode started off in a tense race, with each DJ trying to give it his very best in the week’s competition to remix guest judge Estelle’s track “Do My Thing.” With the recording artist scrutinizing their every move, you can imagine what it was like for the DJs to remix an original piece of music.

Unfortunately, DJ Loczi was outmatched by the other three competitors, DJ Chris Karns, JayCeeOh and Incrediboi. The latter trio will move on till next week’s final episode, where they will go toe to toe in an attempt to win the $250,000 grand prize. We wonder what party tricks will get thrown into the ring in this final battle.


EO’s bet, but don’t hold us to it, is on JayCeeOh, who is an accomplished battle DJ and has shown himself to be consistently cool as a cucumber under the myriad pressures of the MOTM competition. Who do you think will win? Add your thoughts to the comments below!

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